Laser Dentistry

Lasers are transforming the way modern dentistry is performed. With the latest technology, Sherwood Park Dental can perform a variety for dental treatments with less pain and discomfort as traditional procedures.

With laser dentistry, the light is so precise it allows the unhealthy portion of the tooth or gum to be selectively removed, leaving more of the healthy structure unharmed. Dental drills can cause microfractures that can weaken a tooth but not the laser.

With laser surgery, there is reduced need for local anesthesia, bleeding is minimized, swelling is controlled and healing is faster.

More Oral Care Options


TMJ Treatment

TMJ syndrome is a condition that occurs when the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) that connects the upper and lower jaw is misaligned or stressed.

Sleep Apnea and Snore Guards

Sleep apnea is when you temporarily stop breathing while sleeping.

Dental Emergency

Dental injuries and emergencies can be distressing and very painful.

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