Gum Contouring

Even if a person has teeth that are straight, healthy, and symmetrical, the beauty of their smile may be diminished if the gum line is uneven or falls too far below the lip. The gums that extend too far down is commonly called a "gummy" smile. It can make the teeth look small and cause people to feel self-conscious about the appearance of their smile.

Ideally, the gums should appear even and smooth, and should act as a frame to compliment a person's smile, rather than as a distraction from it. The good news is that a "gummy" smile can now be corrected with Cosmetic Dentistry procedures such as Gum Contouring.

If you are unhappy about the amount of gum tissue that shows, Sherwood Park Dental can correct your smile. Using Gum Contouring procedure, the solution is to

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